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Welcome to the DOME Wikia! This isnt where rules and such are, this is a wikia dedicated to telling the Lore, History, Known Characters, and Factions that have existed on DOME. Obviously, their is tons to write and include into the Wiki, so if you want to help for the page, ask Eoros! He is the one who started this page and probably knows what needs to be written and made. Ask him to see what you can help on!

Basic Information Edit

A New Age: Dominion of Middle-earth is a Minecraft server that uses the Lord of the Rings mod. The server was founded by Garothmuk (super_koray) and is now owned by Darcy. The admins are Kjell1612 (Lord Dain_II of Erebor) thecoconutknight (Umayr_Salajr, King of Harad), and pee54321 (Cregan, Man of the Northmen). The moderators are Mr___Niceguy (Maurizo, Man of Bree), SLMJIM (High King of the Noldor), kevinkannen(Ted, Mayor of the Shire), SirWilsonGS (Lord Brand of Dale), and ItsJelmer.

Dominion of Middle-earth is a role-play server, and mainly for those who enjoy role-play. However, the server has something for everyone, whether you like building and farming in peace, or participating in epic sieges and events.

For rules and other such information, check out the official page here.

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